Confidence with Women

Confidence – Stick To The Basics

If you think you are the only guy without any confidence when it comes to women, think again. You are joined by thousands of other men who face the same problem. They also find it difficult to approach opposite sex and start a conversation, all because they don’t have the confidence.

So, is confidence something guys naturally have? Or is it something you can build on? Here are some confidence with women tips, and it’s recommended to stick to the basics.

Pay Attention To Grooming

Your first step to gaining confidence with women is to have confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, this is the part you are trying to overcome and need help with.

Why don’t you start by paying attention to your grooming? For example, do you take the time to dress well and look your best? Or do you just walk around wearing the same clothes you slept in? What about your haircut?

Even though these are elements women are subconsciously looking for, they are also elements that will give you more self-confidence. Because when you look and the mirror and like what you see, it’s going to project onto others. Of course, not every girl is going to swoon at your newfound confidence, but you will feel more inclined to start a conversation, especially once you are familiar with some of the techniques in the Instant Confidence with Women course.

Prepare A Few Jokes

No, girls don’t really like pickup lines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. For example, if you see a girl who catches your fancy, take notice of her hair, or maybe a pretty accessory. Find a way to compliment her on something she doesn’t see coming, and remember to relax.

Go Out In Groups

Sometimes it takes small steps, and getting out in group settings is the perfect way to take them. In a group setting, you won’t feel the pressure of keeping the conversation going, which can give you more confidence. It will also give you ample time to eventually come up with interesting conversation. And when you feel more comfortable, you can break away from the group.

Socialise More

While you probably shy away from talking to strangers, why don’t you give it a try every now and then? It’s not like you’re asking them out on a date, and you’ll get used to that strange feeling of initiating conversation.

These are all ways you can build your confidence around women, and the sooner you try them, the quicker you’ll get it.